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A Double sided miniature of Rev. Robert Heal Chilcot of Bosvigo House and his daughter


Artist: Henry Bone

He wears Ecclesiastical gowns with white bands, she a white dress.
Both signed and dated on the obverse and in full on the reverse with the address Little Russell Street/ Bloomsbury.
Set either side of a gold frame

Bone was born in Truro, Cornwall and is likely to have become acquainted with the Heal Chilcott family who had lived in Bosvigo House (House of Vigo) in Truro. Perhaps Robert Heal Chilcott, the sitter in this miniature was Henry Bone's local vicar. Robert may have been one of the 4 sons of the Rev Robert Chilcott of Exeter, (all of the sons were clergymen).

After a short stint working in Plymouth Bone made his way to London in 1778. These portraits were painted in 1793 just prior to Bone received his first royal appointment by becoming enameler to the Prince of Wales . In 1801 Bone became enamel painter to George III. Bone is perhaps best known for his highly polished enamel copies. His ivory miniatures generally predate the enamels and are more scarce, but they, like the present examples were original works rather than copies.
More Information
Provenance                 Christie's, 19 March 1986, lot 348
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