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A fabulous portrait of a young Girl


Artist: George Chinnery

She wears white dress and strand of pearls
Signed with the very rare double monogram GC/EI and dated 1804,set in a gold coloured later locket

The EI found in this monogram represents East India. Chinnery used this monogram for works that he executed whilst in India between 1802 and 1804.

Chinnery exhibited his first portrait miniature at the Royal Academy in 1791 and by 6th July 1792 had enrolled at the Royal Academy schools. He exhibited 21 more miniatures in the next 3 years before moving to Dublin in 1796.

After the union of England and Ireland in 1800, a number of wealthy patrons departed Ireland, which forced many portrait painters to return to England, Chinnery was no exception. In 1802 he received permission to travel to the East India Company joining artists like John Smart and Ozias Humphry. He established himself as a painter in Madras and then in Calcutta , where he became the leading artist of the British community in India.

It has not been possible to identify the sitter with any certainty but the portrait is a powerful one, full of life and spontaneity.
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