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A fine enamel portrait of Miss Pitt wearing lilac dress trimmed with black lace


Artist: Jeremiah Meyer

4.5 cm (1 3/4")
Meyer was one of the founding members of the Royal Academy and was unusual in being singled out in the press at an early date for comment. In the 1777 Exhibition of the
Royal Academy, Meyer is referred to as

'Jeremiah Meyer, R.A. Painter in Enamel and Miniature to his Majesty, Tavistock row Covent garden. This artist's superior merit, in the enamelling style, has been long, and justly acknowledg'd ; the two miniature portraits here exhibited, do not discredit that

Although Meyer was the painter in enamel to His Majesty very few of his works in this medium have come to light. He never signed his miniatures but those that have been accredited to him on stylistic grounds and those enamels that have come to light that our signed, are incredibly similar to the present portrait. The circular format, as opposed to the more usual oval one favoured by many enamellers of the mid 18th century was a style also used by Gervase Spencer but the latter always signed his works, beside which the treatment of the eyes and
the mouth are dissimilar to Spencer's work and are more typical of Meyer's soft
yet linear approach.
t is believed that this portrait is the same portrait of Miss Pitt, which was exhibited at the Burlington Fine Arts Exhibition, 1889, lent by Edwin H. Lawrence, Case Number XX111 no.12
4.5 cm (1 3/4")
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