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A fine portrait miniature of a child, believed to be Janet Wishart (1788-1820) a member of the Bartleman family

£ 2,000

Artist: Henry Spicer

painted in enamel, wearing a low cut pink dress with white underslip, her white bonnet trimmed with flowers
set in the original gold frame with split pearl border
together with a morning ring with panel of plaited hair within black stones, the reverse engraved J. Wishart died 24 Feb 1820 aged 32

Janet (nee Lumsden) married Johns Wishart of Falkland Fife, Scotland,

Continental artists first introduced enamel painting to England in the 17th century. But it was in the early 18th century that it became fashionable. The young German Christian Friedrich Zincke dominated the market in London. It was Zincke who trained a number of English artists, including William Prewett. Most artists working in enamel were taught by an experienced enameller. It is not known who trained Gervase Spencer this difficult art, but he later taught Henry Spicer, who in turn taught William Birch. In 1794 Birch successfully established himself in America as an enamel painter.
More Information
Year                 circa 1800.
Medium                 Enamel on copper,
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