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A fine portrait of a Gentleman with powdered hair en queue


Artist: Richard Crosse

Wearing a peppermint green coat, gold trimmed white waistcoat and lace cravat
set in the original gold frame

Crosse occasionally painted in oil but he worked primarily in enamel, intermittently experimenting with watercolours. His honest, yet delicate use of colour was greatly admired by fellow artists and eminent patrons alike, including King George III who made him the official court 'Painter in Enamel' on the basis of this talent. Indeed, the quality of his work positions Crosse among Andrew Plimer, Ozias Humphry and Jeremiah Meyer.

The soft green tones in the background, evident in this portrait are Cross's trade mark and they compliment the peppermint green colour of the sitter's coat so well.
More Information
Literature                 The Comerford Collection: Portrait Miniatures, (Dublin, privately published, 2009) pp 10, 52 (#220).
Exhibition                 Comerford Collection at the Irish Architectural Archives in Dublin, in 2009
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