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A fine profile of a Lady


Artist: H Readhead

Painted on convex glass, against card, set in a gilt-mounted rectangular papier-mâché frame

Readhead worked from 54 Upper Norton Street, Fitzroy Square, London. The few known works by him appear to date from 1791, the year in which he probably rented 54 Upper Norton Street.

The silhouette is painted with minute strokes and stippled dots -the latter probably achieved with a fine needle.

This silhouette was discussed at length in the Silhouette Society Newsletter, in July 2000 where it states that 'Mr. Readhead is a rare artist, who was known to be working c.1791 - which would fit with the date of our lady. No women painted by him have been recorded so we cannot make a comparison. However, Mrs. McKechnie in her Book has illustrated two men by him on page 596. Illus. 1135 has a bust-line termination very like our lady - also the massed stippled dots are used in the same way on his clothing.'
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