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A Lady with dove


Although seemingly not signed this miniature bears a very close allegiance to the hand of the miniaturist known as Lewis Vaslet. Similarities are seen in the strong delineated upper eye lid, pale treatment of the flesh tones, and unusual use of green and pinks. Vaslet is known also for including birds and animals in his work .His sitters are often shown against a background either interior or landscape rather than shown against a sky background, which is a feature he may have gleaned from the French miniaturists of the time
The dove in the miniature may be a sign of Innocence or love. The letter at the bottom of the portrait might suggest that the sitter is showing her faithfulness to her partner who is currently away
Little appears to be known about Vaslet expect that he is likely to be of French or Huguenot descent and related to Lewis Vaslet, master of Fulham School, who was a Frenchman who died in 1751.He exhibited at the R.A. 1770 and 1771 from London and 1775 and 1782 from Bath
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Year                 circa 1775
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