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A Large fine portrait of a young Lady


Artist: Bernard Lens

She wears a blue dress open to reveal a white underslip
signed with gold monogram on the right and dated 1721

Lens was the leading miniaturist from 1710 to 1740. Possibly self-taught, miniature painting was a popular amateur art at this time and Lens had many aristocratic and royal pupils. Although he was the first British miniaturist to work on ivory, Lens occasionally painted on vellum. He was also involved with the care of miniatures on vellum, restoring and reframing old family miniatures for aristocratic patrons. In addition, he painted copies of historical portraits for collectors. He was the miniature painter at the courts of kings George I and George II, instructor in miniature painting (then called limning) to prince William and princesses Mary and Louise and consultant in fine arts
More Information
Year                 1721.
Medium                 gouache on ivory,
Signed                 signed with gold monogram and dated
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