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A portrait miniature of a Noble Lady


Wearing a blue dress with white underslip and blue veil in her hair
watercolour on vellum set in the original frame with pierced spiral cresting

Richter was born into a family of artists in Stockholm, Sweden in 1678, the son of Hans Davidson Richter, assessor of the Goldsmith's corporation there, and brother of landscape painter Johann Richter and the medallist Bengst Richter. Richter quickly found his feet, learning initially the goldsmith craft followed by medal engraving under Arvid Karlsteen. By 1700 Richter is believed to have been studying under Elias Brenner, the leading Swedish miniaturist of the age. Richter soon proceeded to Berlin then Dresden, seeking patronage by utilising contacts from previous acquaintances. Arriving in London in 1704, he quickly established himself as a miniaturist, cleverly seizing the opportunity to replicate the work of contemporaries such as Hans Hysing and Michael Dahl, who would have been eager to expand their own reputation
More Information
Year                 Circa 1715
Medium                 Watercolour on ivory
Literature                 The Comerford Collection: Portrait Miniatures (Dublin, privately published, 2009), pp 7, 24 (# 62).
Exhibition                 Comerford Collection at the Irish Architectural Archives in Dublin, in 2009.
Condition                 Old restoration seen at noon. Minor dust under the glass
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