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A rare family set of four portraits of Charles Goore two of his sons Richard and Henry and his son-in-law Thomas Staniforth ,School of Arthur Devis (1712-1787)


in turned pear wood frames

Charles and his sons wear blue coats and matching gold coloured waistcoat's, Thomas is depicted wearing blue coat and blue waistcoat.
Richard's portrait is inscribed on the reverse Richard son of/ Charles Goore Sen./ died 12 Oct 1789 and was buried at Clifton Church.
Henry's portrait has later inscription , Goore/ brother in law/ of Thomas S (presumably Thomas Staniforth,)

Charles Goore (1703-1783) was a prosperous Liverpool merchant with substantial interests in the Virginia tobacco trade. In the 1740s, Goore was one of the 4 largest buyers of Chesapeake tobacco. In the 1750s, he expanded his interests to include trade with Africa, and investment in the whaling industry. His ship Golden Lion was one of the few British ships involved with the Greenland whaling industry. He grew rich bringing seal skins, seal oil, whale bone, and whale oil to England. Though he continued trading with North America into the 1780s, largely dealing in hemp, flagstones, and ironware, as well as tobacco, the outbreak of the Revolutionary war severely disrupted his trading operations. In addition to his trading pursuits, he also owned a ropery. Goore was an important civic figure; he was elected as bailiff of Liverpool in 1747, and mayor of Liverpool in 1754 and 1768. He also served as senior alderman and justice of the peace for both the borough and county of Liverpool. He married Margery Halsall (1707-1776) on July 29, 1728, and died in 1783.

Thomas Staniforth (1735-1803) was an English slave-trader, merchant and politician. He was originally from Sheffield, but spent most of his life in Liverpool. He was Charles Goore's apprentice and later Lord Mayor of Liverpool. He marries Charles's daughter Elizabeth in 1760. It is likely that this charming group was commissioned to celebrate the marriage of Thomas to Elizabeth. Nearly eight years later Joseph Wright of Derby settled in Liverpool and painted Charles Gore and his wife and at the same time Thomas Staniforth had his portrait taken too.
More Information
Year                 1760 Circa
Provenance                 The portrait of Charles and Thomas were sold at Sotheby's 23 July 1979, lot 132.
The portrait of Richard and his brother were auctioned November 12 1974
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