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Pellatt and Green were famous for their glass illuminators („deck lights') for admitting day-light into the internal parts of ships and buildings for which Apsley Pellatt had obtained a patent for in 1807.

The partnership was between Apsley Pellatt Junior and Frederick Pellatt carrying on the business of Glass Manufactures, Glass and China Dealers.

In 1819 Apsley Pellatt Junior (1791-1863) took out a patent (No 4424) for crystallo - ceramie or glass incrustation. It was stated in the patent that a foreigner had communicated to Mr Apsley Pellatt the process of how to encase articles in glass for decoration purposes.

Decanters with cameos on the side and in the stoppers, scent bottles, 'tea–caddy' sugar basins, lids of trinket boxes and snuff boxes, also lustres for lamps and paper weights are occasionally met with: but such articles as crested wine glasses, tumblers, cameos in ice–plates, door knobs, girandoles – caryatids to support lamps, clocks and candelabra, if they exist, they must be of great rarity, though they are all mentioned in Apsley Pellatt's book - The Origin , Progress, and Improvement of Glass Manufacture (1821).
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