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Alicia Sills, 1820


Alicia Sills, wife of Captain Sills in mourning dress with large white lace collar and posy of flowers at her corsage
set in rectangular black papier-mâché frame
rectangular, 3 1/2 inches high

Ferriere, born in Geneva 1752 came to England in 1793. He was both successful and prolific and was patronised by the Royal Family. In 1804 he went to St. Petersburg and Moscow and returned to England in 1817. From 1819 he describes himself as Portrait Painter to Her Imperia Majesty the Dowager Empress of all the Russians and to the Grand Dukes Nicolas and Michael, Professor of the Academy of Painting at Geneva and Associate to that of St. Petersburg

Alicia (1781-1849) married Captain Sills 17th July 1799, he died in 1819. The black dress elaborate lace and satin ribbon suggests that the sitter was wealthy and fashionable. Perhaps she had inherited a small fortune following her husband's death in 1819 and had her portrait commission before the artist returned to Geneva in 1822.
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