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An enamel portrait of a Noble Lady, believed to be of the More family

in blue dress
enamel on copper, in gilt-metal frame

The portrait came from the collection of the late Sir Jasper More of Linley Hall. Linley Hall had been home to the More family since the 18th century, so it is plausible that the sitter is a member of the More family.

Linley was bought in 1580 by Robert More, and the manor of More by his son Richard in 1601. In 1731 Robert's grandson, also Robert, also inherited Larden (Shrops) and other property, and it was probably this which enabled him to contemplate building a new house at Linley and planting up the area around it. He was MP for Bishop's Castle 1727-41 and, after a gap while building took place, for Shrewsbury 1754-61.

Robert More(1703-178) beside a politician was an academic and an enthusiastic botanist, More was a friend of Linnæus, and a Fellow of the Royal Society, elected in 1729.

It is probable that this portrait represents his first wife Ellen, daughter of Thomas Wilson whom he married in 1750. He would have taken this image on his travels for in 1751 he visited Scandinavia, Russia, and northern Germany, returning to Hull in September.
More Information
Year                 Circa 1750
Provenance                 The Late Sir Jasper (MP for Ludlow) and Lady More, Linley Hall, Shropshire
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