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An intimate portrait of a Gentleman, formerly believed to be King Charles I

gouache on vellum, backed with playing card, set in the original silver gilt frame with pierced spiral cresting
Provenance: Percy Collins Browne of New Zealand.

A label attached to the portrait identifies the sitter as Charles I. The sitter does bear a resemblance to some portraits of Charles in his latter years, but it is known that Charles had brown eyes yet the sitter here is depicted with piercing blue one.

What is apparent is the portrait is an intimate display of a forlorn looking man. The intention of this miniature is to portray a realistic insight into the sitter's feeling - to reflect a true likeness. Rather than be shown wearing a tidy wig, the sitter's hair is represented in a dishevelled manner falling loosely around the shoulders. The features in the face are loosely drawn as if the portrait was taken in a hurry, rather than one which was worked on for hours over a period of time. The miniature is an honest interpretation and a superb relic of the mid 17th Century.

Percy Collins Browne, who owned this miniature, formerly a Clerk was a Sergeant World War I. There are 5000 profiles for the Browne family on, so it has not been possible to pin down the identity of the sitter with any certainty.
More Information
Period                 Circa 1640
Condition                 Small restoration to the background
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