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An unknown Gentleman in brown coat


Artist: Charles Dixon

Signed with initials on the obverse and dated 1750
set in the original gilt-metal frame the revere with agate stone

Little is known about the artist except that he may have worked in Scotland or the provinces. This example is in good condition, nicely signed and dated 1750. The agate backing is unusual and perhaps suggests the sitter was from a wealthy background.
More Information
Year                 1750
Literature                 The Comerford Collection: Portrait Miniatures (Dublin, privately published, 2009), pp 7, 22 (#52r, 52V,)
Exhibition                 Comerford Collection at the Irish Architectural Archives in Dublin, in 2009.
Condition                 Minute spot of pink lifting at the border (at 6 o'clock) on waistcoat and tiny spot of paint loss on the brown coat at 6 o'clock.
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