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Augustus John Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol (1724-1779) RN, Captain Cook's Boss


Artist: Ozias Humphry

4 cm (1 1/2")
Wearing a blue naval coat with red facings and powdered wig
set in the original gold frame with plaited hair border, the reverse with gold monogram AH on blond hair with in seed pearl border

For further information about Humphry and Augustus Hervey cf. Williamson, Ozias Humprhy, p. 99. It is recorded in Humphry's fee book, January 23, 1769, that Lord Bristol paid £12.12s for a copy of Lady Mary Fitzgerald's (the favourite sister of Augustus) picture.
Augustus's marriage to Elizabeth Chuydleigh was dissolved in that year and it would be quite fitting that Augustus would request another miniature to perhaps give to any number of his lovers. Augustus and Elizabeth both had lovers. Augustus had many affairs around Europe, with women of all ranks. David Erskine summarises him as 'the English Casanova'.
His journal describes his sexual adventures.

Hervey had successful career in Royal Navy. Also prominent politician. MP 1757 to 1775.
He served in Royal Navy in West Indies under Admiral Rodney.He helped to capture Morro Castle at Havana, Cuba, from the Spanish at the Battle of Havana in Aug 1762, during the Seven Years' War. Cuba fell to Britain. (Cuba was returned to Spain at the Treaty of Paris in 1763 in exchange for Florida.)Hervey was made Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean 1763, but his active life at sea ceased that year.

He succ his brother as Earl of Bristol 1775. Resigned as Lord of the Admiralty and as MP
He became Vice-Admiral of the Blue 1778.He died of gout at his town house in St. James's Square, London, 22 Dec 1779, age 55 yrs.
4 cm (1 1/2")
More Information
Year                 circa 1769
Medium                 watercolour on ivory
Literature                 G.C. Williamson, Ozias Humphry, p 99
Condition                 Ivory warping very slightly
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