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A portrait miniature of a young Lady

£ 1,400

Artist: Abraham Daniel

wearing a white dress with large frilled collar, blue waistband and pearl necklace, powdered hair en queue
set in the original gold frame

The three Daniel brothers, Abraham, Joseph and Phineas, were the sons of Nechaniah Daniel of Bridwater, Somerset. It has come to be accepted wisdom that all three were taught the art of miniature painting by their clever mother.

Phineas, the least heard of, worked mainly in Bristol, Abraham (c.1750-1806) worked mainly in Plymouth and Joseph (c.1760-1803) worked mainly in Bath and is generally referred to when one talks of 'Daniel of Bath'. There appears to have been a keen rivalry between
the brothers, all of whom referred to themselves as 'Mr. Daniel' (orDaniell).
More Information
Year                 circa 1785
Medium                 Watercolour on ivory
Literature                 The Comerford Collection: Portrait Miniatures, (Dublin, privately published, 2009) pp 10, 54 (#231).
Exhibition                 Comerford Collection at the Irish Architectural Archives in Dublin, in 2009
Condition                 Light covering of dust under the glass
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