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A portrait miniature of an Officer of the 113th Regiment of Foot (1794) , watercolour


Artist: Frederick Buck

Wearing a red uniform with blue trimmed gold piping and gold epaulette, black stock and frilled white cravat, white shoulder belt with gilt centred plate with number '113'
Set in a gold frame the reverse glazed to reveal plaited hair

There were Two regiments of the British Army that have been numbered the 113th Regiment of Foot:

113th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highlanders), raised in 1761 and disbanded in 1763 and 113th Regiment of Foot (1794), raised in 1794. The sitter in this miniature is likely to have come from the 113th Regiment of Foot infantry regiment of the British Army which was raised in May 1794 and was disbanded in 1795.
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