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A Lady with short brown hair

£ 2,500

Artist: Issac Seaman

4.2 cm (1 3/4")
Wearing a low cut white dress with lace collar, a blue striped white shawl over her left shoulder
Signed on the reverse Seaman . I
Set in a gilt-metal mount

This appears to be an example of Seaman copying an enamel by Christian Friedrich Zincke . Very few signed enamels by Seaman exist. Isaac was a portrait painter who worked in London. It is believed that he was the brother of Noah and Abraham Seaman.

In the 17th century, new techniques of painting enamels allowed delicate portraits resembling tiny oil paintings to be created. These enamel miniatures were first fashionable in continental Europe, but were particularly in vogue in Britain from the 1720s to 1760s. Painted enamels were made by firing finely milled glass which had been coloured with metal oxides onto a metal base, usually gold or copper. The colours had to be applied and fired in several stages, according to the firing temperature required by each colour. Incredible precision was needed for a successful enamel portrait, since each firing carried risks of cracks and bubbles that might ruin the entire effort
4.2 cm (1 3/4")
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