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Possibly Richard Coote, 1st Earl of Bellomont and 12th Governor of the Province of New York Massachussett's Bay, including Boston, believed to be by P. Pears, circa 1680

£ 1,200

6 cm (2 1/4")
5 cm (1 1/1")
wearing a dark coat with a fine white lace collar, and long blond full-bottomed wig
initialled 'P.P.' (lower right), painted in oil on card, set in the original gold frame with later brooch clasp reverse (hanger missing)

The monogram P.P. cant not be linked with any known miniaturist of this period. Daphne Foskett records an artist who signed PP, mentioning three miniatures with the same monogram. One dated 1678, had been sold at Sotheby's, 21 February (no photograph in the catalogue) and the other two, dated 1682-83 were exhibited at the Exhibition of Miniatures in Oil, by the Fine Art Society in 1928 (again no photograph or mentions of this monogram in the catalogue). The Dictionary of Portrait Painters in Britain mentions a P.Pears, who was active circa 1683 according to a portrait of a man of the Yonge family. However, there are no more sources about this painter in the Dictionary, neither in the Benezit nor the Grove Art Dictionary. So it would appear that this miniature, which is painted in a very high standard, must be by the mysterious P. Pears. It has not been possible to make any comparison with any other known miniatures signed PP or the portrait said to bear P. Pears signature and date. This portrait is executed to a very high standard and signed works in oil are very rare.

The sitter is believed to be related to the Coote and Syson family. Almost no identified portraits regarding this family have been found or documented. One of the Hypothesis, of which we have a portrait to compare with, is Richard Coote (1636-1701), 1st Earl of Bellomont whose looks are not dissimilar to this miniature. However, the only portrait that is known of him is an engraving of the 19th Century. No traces of the original portrait have been found.

The portrait is likely to have been painted circa 1695-1701 at the time that Richard Coote arrived in America.
6 cm (2 1/4")
5 cm (1 1/1")
More Information
Year                 circa 1680.
Medium                 oil on card,
Signed                 initialled P.P (lower right)
Provenance                 The sitter is believed to be related to the Coote and Syson family
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