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Edward Smyth (1749-1812) seated holding a drawing instrument.


11.3 cm (4 1/2")
Signed and indistinctly inscribed Smith in the lower left hand corner.

A drawing of Smyth by Comerford was engraved in stipple by Henry Hoppner Meyer (1783-1847)The head on Woodhouse's medal to Smyth was taken from this drawing by Comerford.

Smyth worked with the architect James Gandon on most of his major projects, including the Four Courts, the House of Lords and the King's Inns in Dublin, and was also employed by the architect Francis Johnson, carving the heads on the exterior of Johnson's Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle until his death in 1812. Smyth was the first Master of the Dublin Society School of Modelling and Sculpture.

Comerford was a sociable and outgoing person, and he numbered among his friends many of his contemporary, distinguished artists, including: Professor Thomas James Mulvany (1779-1845), who was influential in obtaining the charter for the Royal Hibernian Academy and became one of the first academicians; the Italian landscape artist Gaspare Gabrielli, who worked in Ireland; Vincent Waldré (ca 1742-1814), also an Italian landscape artist; James Gandon (1742-1823) , the leading architect of the day in Dublin; the sculptor Smyth (1749-1812); the first President of the Royal Hibernian Academy, William Ashford (1746-1824) ; and the Waterford-born landscape artist, Thomas Sautelle Roberts (ca 1760-1826).
11.3 cm (4 1/2")
More Information
Year                 circa 1800
Medium                 Watercolour on ivory
Signed                 Signed and indistinctly inscribed Smith in the lower left hand corner.
Provenance                 Mme Hilde Frank, Leipzig
Literature                 WG Strickland, A Dictionary of Irish Artists, vol 1 (1913), pp 196-197, 201.

Schidlof, Leo R. (1964) The Miniature in Europe, 4 vols. Graz (Austria). Vo. I, p. 158; Vol. II p. 934; illustrated in Vol. III plate 131, no. 242.

Exhibition                 Musee d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva. Chef-d'oeuvre de la miniature et de la gouache, in 1956, no. 87; Albertina, Vienna, Meisterwerk der Europasichen Miniaturmalerei von 1750 bis 1850 in 1965, no. 53.

Comerford Collection at the Irish Archite
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