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Louis XIV of Bourbon (1638-1715), King of France (1643-1715), wearing armour


Artist: Jean Petitot

Petitot, a Swiss painter was the first great miniature portraitist in enamel. In 1633 he went to France, where he became the pupil of Jean and Henri Toutin, the originators of the art of painting miniature portraits in enamel. By 1637 Petitot had arrived in England, where he was patronized by Charles I and his court.
After the outbreak of the English Civil Wars, he returned to France. For many years he enjoyed the patronage of Louis XIV.
Petitot raised the art of enamel painting to a level never surpassed. While relying primarily on original portraits by others, he was able to preserve to a remarkable degree the character of the work he was transforming into a small jewel-like roundel.
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