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Portrait miniature of an Officer of the 3rd Irish Horse, Carabiniers, c.1764- 1767


Artist: Jeremiah Meyer

wearing red uniform with yellow facings and silver epaulette, powdered hair en queue
Set in the original gold bracelet clasp frame with split pearl border

The 3rd Irish Horse, or Carabiniers, became in 1788 the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers).  As a regiment of Horse, they wore coats with lapels, and a laced waistcoat of the same colour as their facings. Their facings were pale yellow, with silver laced button holes. The single epaulette on the left was adopted for cavalry in 1764 (as opposed to on the right, for infantry, adopted c.1768).  In1767 the waistcoats of the cavalry regiments were changed from the regimental facing colour to white, so the uniform pre-dates 1767, but after the adoption of the epaulette in 1764 for cavalry.  A date of 1764-1767 is consistent with the hairstyle, and the miniature itself
More Information
Year                 c.1764- 1767.
Medium                 Watercolour on ivory,
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