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Young Lady


Artist: William Prewett

Wearing white dress under a pink shawl, a posy of flowers in her upswept long curling brown hair
painted on enamel, signed and dated 1735 on the reverse, set in the original gilt-metal frame

Signed works by Prewett (active 1735-50) are rare. Prewett, who
trained in Zincke's studio, was one of the first successful
English-born portrait enamellers.

In the 17th century, new techniques of painting enamels allowed delicate portraits resembling tiny oil paintings to be created. This enamel portraiture in miniature was a truly international art. Many enamellers travelled in order to find new markets, while others migrated to escape religious persecution. Enamel miniatures were first fashionable in continental Europe, but were particularly in vogue in Britain from the 1720s to 1760s.
More Information
Year                 1735
Provenance                 Formerly with Limner Antiques 1974
Condition                 Good
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